When SPD Gets Bad Press

The other day, I was doing some research for a part-time job, and I came across this article from Disability Scoop (a few months late, but what can I say, it's a busy little life!)


It discusses how a group of pediatricians were questioning the merits of diagnosing children with SPD. The American Academy of Pediatrics said clinicians should be looking for other developmental and diagnosable conditions instead. This is, in part, due to the American Psychological Association's inability to insert SPD into their DSM-V, leaving those with this condition without a proper method of diagnosis. How sad it is that we and our children have this condition, and yet the scientific community is still baffled by its very existence? As they say, you need experience to get experience. Similarly, it seems the scientific community needs proof of SPD to begin properly studying the condition. Proof, I may add, that they cannot get without definitive scientific research.

As a formerly misdiagnosed person with SPD, I was livid to read that even now, a time when Spectrum disorders are highlighting the sensory needs of so many children, doctors are still wavering with the SPD diagnosis. This misdiagnosis cost me my childhood and adolescence. It cannot continue to negatively impact the lives of our next generation.


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