Scholarship Award and Sensory Spectrum Daily

I have some lovely news on multiple fronts to share with you today!

Yesterday, I was informed that I won a scholarship to help me pay some of my student loans. It is my work experience with adults and adolescents with learning disabilities that made me a unique candidate for the award. The letter stated:

"I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected as the winner of the 2012 Sally R. Schneider Scholarship. Congratulations! Ms. Schneider’s family was impressed with your application, and your commitment to working with adults and adolescents with disabilities resonated with them."

Absolutely a feather in my academic cap (watch out, resume, here I come!)

In other news, I have been set up to receive google alerts about SPD. This means that whenever someone posts about SPD, I am immediately linked to their news story/blog post/forum comment. Yesterday, my google alerts lead me to a yahoo question by an adolescent with SPD-like symptoms. She complained of specific auditory sensitivities, as well as tactile issues related to clothing. Classic SPD. She was asking for any validation that what she was feeling was normal. One response suggested she get her hearing checked. As always, that got me all riled up. Further proof that our society needs more education and to conduct further research on SPD, and fast. I took the opportunity to answer her post, providing many online resources, and suggesting she visit an OT for an actual diagnosis. She seemed pleased with my answer and considered the question closed.

Ever the (new) Twitter fanatic, I tweeted a link of the post to the Twittersphere, and today, I was happy to learn that The Sensory Spectrum picked up my story for the Health section of their daily newsletter.

Check it out at: - mine is the second story in the Health section.

And if you've yet to find me on Twitter, now's the time. I'm @Coming2mysenses.


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