Announcing New Projects!

Hi SPDers and CTMS blog readers,

I'm excited to announce that I'm adding new projects to my roster of SPD-support programs! I've been asked to team up with the amazing Jennifer Hughes, SPD parent and publisher of The Sensory Spectrum ( and popular affiliated SPD parent help page ( to develop a Facebook page exclusively for SPD adults.

It's our mission to support adults with SPD during diagnosis and post-diagnosis. The group will ultimately become a safe-haven for adults living and thriving with SPD to find support in others who understand the complexities of the condition. We encourage all participants to have a positive, meaningful experience - to learn about their SPD and SPD in general, compare notes with new friends, and learn how to advocate for themselves and others with the same diagnosis.

Are you an SPD adult? Know an SPD adult who'd benefit from a group like this? Find us on Facebook at:

Also, stay tuned to CTMS for new posts about life with SPD, as well as changes to the blog, and a new related website.

Great things to come!



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