My SPD Parent Zone Photo Feature and Quote

Last Monday, I was interviewed by the lovely Kelly Jurecko, Co-Founder and President of the non-profit SPD Parent Zone in support of the organization's current book project. I was even asked to write an essay about living as an adult with SPD for inclusion, which is beyond exciting. The book will be a resource for parents with SPD kids, and Kelly and SPD Parent Zone's Vice President, Dawn Eagle, saw the value of adding the voice of an SPD adult to the mix - because, really, all adults with SPD were once children with SPD too; plus, we have the ability to vocalize and explain children's SPD struggles from the inside - and they knew about Coming to my Senses, so they approached me for an interview.

It's an incredibly wonderful and humbling thing to be turned to as a voice of a community. In our original email exchange, Kelly called me the "Temple Grandin of SPD," which is perhaps the most important and incredible compliment I've ever received during my SPD-related travels. Dr. Temple Grandin has become widely-known as the face of Autism; she is well-educated, engaging, and beyond capable, and is willing to discuss her condition without hesitation. I truly aspire to be as brave and open as she is in all of my SPD endeavors. 

Check out SPD Parent Zone's photo feature on me in advance of the book on Facebook, and read a quote from me on their blog.

I am honored, as always, to support the vast and complex community of SPD adults in any way that I can. I started this blog in 2010 to feel less lonely in my diagnosis - to read my own words and come to terms with a lifetime of questions - and to provide a marker for any other travelers journeying through the same, vast forest seemingly devoid of a map. I recently developed my website as yet another resource for those in search of information and a diagnosis, and I am proud to continue co-leading Sensory Processing Disorder Adult Support on Facebook. 

The return has truly been tenfold. 


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