The Inside View on SPD - Episode 2 - Adolescence

I'm happy to present the second episode of The Inside View on Sensory Processing Disorder, a question and answer video series by yours truly, in partnership with my friends at the SPD Foundation. This month, I tackled the complex topic of adolescence - something that I could talk about at length. As you may know, my SPD came to light when I was fourteen, although it was disguised as intense, seemingly inexplicable anxiety, so I am always interested in considering the experience of sensory teens.

Click on the video below or click here to learn more on the inside view on SPD in adolescence.You can find the series of videos on the SPD Foundation's website on their videos/resources page.

If you have a question you'd like me to answer about life with SPD, you can email it to with the title The Inside View on SPD. I can't get to them all, but I'll try to answer as many as I can over time!

Another wonderful pause-face moment.
Also, pardon my clear inability to film myself!


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