Adult SPD Pride, Pass It On

I bet you can't find two more proud SPD adults than me and my "lil sensory sister," the uber-talented Kelly Dillon, author of the illustrated sensory blog, Eating Off Plastic (aka the illustrator of my sensory guidebook, Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues - shameless plug, check!) The other day, I emailed Kelly to say, "hey artist friend, we need some sort of adult SPD pride image to share on social media," and because Kelly and I clearly share a brain, she said she had recently started to put something similar together. We talked deets, and today she sent me this nugget of glory:

Yes, those are our faces cartoonified (I am the blue glasses maven, Kelly is Ms. Hat). So here's the deal. Are you a sensory adult? Well, now you have this nifty cartoon to post all over Facebook and tweet like a little birdy to show your sensory pride and remind everyone that you know that adults have SPD too. We're only a month away from Sensory Awareness month, so what's your excuse? You know you wanna.


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