My Presentation for SPD Parent Zone's Online Sensory Conference

This past weekend, I had the great honor of speaking about #MySensoryLife at SPD Parent Zone's Online Sensory Conference with some other amazing leaders of the Sensory Community

I was the first presentation of the day and I had (have) a raging, nasty cold-bug-thing (akin only to the Plague, btw), but I managed to ply my system with decongestants and still sound relatively coherent during my 45-minute slot. I spoke about my life with SPD, from my undiagnosed childhood to my first major shutdown at age 14 to misdiagnosis and therapy and SPD diagnosis and beyond. It was an incredible experience to share the things I've learned - both about myself as a sensory being and about life and attitude towards sensory challenges - with the 500+ people who signed up for the conference. And now, I'm really excited to share all of this with you! 

The entire full conference, every speaker's slides and presentations and all, is available here for a $5 donation to support Chicago's First Sensory-Friendly Cultural Programming Summit in April 2016, at which I'm also speaking (click the Buy Now button towards the middle left of the page).

For those of you who just want to check out my slides presented without spoken text (which you'll probably need to understand what's going on in the slides, sorry!), they're below.

A truly wonderful experience! Thanks again to those of you who came to listen, and especially to my dear friend Kelly Jurecko of SPD Parent Zone, who continues to make all of my dreams and craziest schemes come true.

Shameless Self Promotion: Want to learn about SPD from a delayed-diagnosis sensory adult's perspective and hear more from yours truly? Pre-order Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues today!


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