My Interview with Mosaic Science - "Why are so many of us over-sensitive?"

Exciting news, reader-friends! Back in April, I was contacted by a journalist in the UK at Mosaic science who was in the process of writing an article about Sensory Processing Disorder and related sensitivities. She traveled to Chicago to see me speak at the city's first Sensory-Friendly Cultural Programming Summit, as well as to interview me about my life with SPD.

The final article, Why are so many of us over-sensitive? was published today, and I'm so thrilled with the result, as well as proud to be affiliated with some truly amazing people in the field of SPD.

Take a peek at the piece here:


  1. Hi. I also got a degree in Psych; but specialized in movement, sound, animal therapies at the New School in NYC. I am also an orchid. I think we should talk. I kept dancing, moving, or hanging upside down from bars/ swing sets/ anything #lol as a child; but I did understand why. Later, dance/ movement therapy research and more gave me a further language to explain and write, what occurs. I would dance/ move to face, clear, ground, recreate, regulate, toxic and overwhelming energy dynamics. Dolphins and other mammals, self and intra paplate each other in innate osteopathic cranial sacral. I respond very well to Osteopathic Cranial sacral, IF the rare practioner is good at it. All, have noticed that my nervous system SHIFTS like a child, vs the typical, adult rigidity. That is, sensitive types have note sensitive and fluid nervous system organs; the underlying and first organs of the mammalbody. But, even though, more fluid, the ns will collapse, lockdown, and more with excess toxic or gross stimuli. The more professional, self, or parent, does osteocs techniques ( esp still point induction), the more a sensitive is able to cope and realign the cranial and sacral bones that literally, SHIFT out of alignment and TORQUE from overwhelming sensory energies. I'll also go into relapelses of seizures, severe Bp drops ( orthostatic), abdominal pain severe, nausea, vomit, sweats. I could be shopping and enjoying, and suddenly it hits me and I'll collapse. Told, my eyes dilate, also. At hospitals, its dangerous for IF they aggravate in any mode, I can critically cardiac and respiratory crash. I bring this up, for TOO MANY nervous system sensitive are losing their life in medical, and needs to be brought into the conversations and lobbying. I've also been working with trauma animals for over 30 years, and it is the same with them; hence why too many, critically crash and die, even for basic spay and neuter. Aside, from medical, needing to not be adverse to sensitive; and be careful and prepared when using medicines to anesthesias; there ARE emergency techniques that DO work and can SAVE lives. Aside from critical cardiac and respiratory teams and intense Bp/ cardiac/ resp monitoring; severe pain is am isdue that drops the Bp, and various Osteo cs emergency techniques can reboot and stabilize the nervous system in both humans and animals. I cannot stress, how many animals that I have saved in vet, shelter, private work, utilizing the same techniques, needed on myself. Also, on a hospital setting, it was proved, multiple times that my blood pressure DOES drop from severe pain; as too many hospotals , rigidly think that Bp only rises from pain and that it is too dangerous to give pain meds if Bp low. And it was proven multiple times that my Bp DOES go up, and QUICKLY if pain addressed, esp IF the pain med is enough and given quickly by iv. Yet, I've only had to critically crash, unnecessarily, with these estupodos, over 60 times in life, and have grown a fear of hospitals, due to this. It also takes weeks to recover, its very painful on the nervous system, and then the immune breaks down and infections often occur; usually lung, pneumonia or some rare blood/ septic one. I cannot stress of how TOO MANY people and animals, and children are unnecessarily dying in medical settings, due to such backward ignoring of the nervous system as an organ, and sensitive nervous system types. Being sensitive is both a gift and a curse, and a dangerous curse, esp in medical. Would love to talk more and bridge our works, research and advocacy. I also think that an increased amount of children are being born as orchids, for savage, destroy drive prototypes are increasing and violence and destruction as a norm is destroying life and the ecology. Destroy drive vs life drive prototypes...Also, Osteo cs techniques,

    So, hope to join minds..


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