Sensory Like You Has Been Published!

Great news, Sensory Friends!

My second book, Sensory Like You: A Book For Kids With SPD By Adults With SPD has been officially released. Published by Sensory World, this book was a labor of love by illustrator Kelly Dillion of Eating Off Plastic and yours truly, with the goal of reaching children with Sensory Processing Disorder. There are so many books out there about SPD for kids, but this book is the first of it's kind, as it's the only book created entirely by SPD adults for SPD kids. Based on How One Adult With SPD Wants to Explain This Condition to Your Sensory Child, which was published by The Body is Not An Apology , it's like a mini guide to SPD and self-acceptance for the under 10 set.

You can order your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble today - or if you're in Portland, OR (one of my favorite cities!) you can visit Powell's City of Books for your copy.


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