A Sneak Peek Into My Sensory Meltdown/Shutdown

In an ongoing effort to destigmatize sensory meltdowns and shutdowns, and humanize SPD in general, here I am last night in the middle of what I can only call a mix of both a meltdown and a shutdown. I'd "Hit the Deck," as I like to call my need of laying supine pressed against the floor, and I went back and forth between angry-tears and staring into space. I thought of you all in this moment, how the members of the sensory community all do this when we've been pushed too far, when we're taxed and burnt out and overwhelmed by endless input and processing, and I took a single photo.

I almost didn't post any of this. I looked at this picture today and immediately felt ashamed of my behavior and my need to lose composure, and embarrassed by my differences in neurology. That's when I decided it needed to go up. It's why I'm here. It's why I do what I do.

To the person mid-meltdown or mid-shutdown, tight-lipped with the glassy eyes, I see you. You are a wonderful, worthy person. This moment doesn't define you. Hit the deck, cry, scream, stare. Breathe. Reconnect. Think of those who love you and who you love. This moment will pass, as all moments do. Mine did. The next moment and the one after that are new, brighter. They belong to you.*

*Originally posted on Coming to My Senses on June 30


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