Coming to My Senses Turns TEN!

A whole decade ago yesterday, a very unsure and giddy young woman opened her first clean blog page and wrote a post about SPD for absolutely no one but herself to read. She had no idea what she was starting - maybe you'll indulge me when I call it a movement towards self-understanding and a way for others to finally come to their senses too.

That unsure and giddy young woman was me. That blog was this blog. 

Had you told me then that a decade later, I'd have moved beyond a blog into the world of article interviews, speaking engagements, social platforms, and published books on this subject, I'd have said you were absolutely insane. I thought I was completely alone with my differences, but instead you were all out there somewhere on my path and I was somewhere on yours, and we were just waiting to collide. 

And that's how I like to picture life. All of the joys and horrors you're bound to experience - all of your loves and your greatest enemies and that one quirky passion - all of your best days and worst days are out there somewhere, just waiting for you to walk by. 

I'm glad after 27 years of my life, I finally walked by. 

I can't say what the next decade holds, personally or professionally. This year of absurdities and traumas and unexpected joy has shown me that nothing is ever quite as it seems - but I know it's going to be interesting. I believe it's going to be filled with new studies about SPD, new tools to make our lives more comfortable, new opportunities for sensory adults to have a voice, and new ways for me to reach my sensory soul-friends who have also always felt slightly off-center. 

I hope you'll be there too. Without your love and support over the last decade I don't know where I'd be today.


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