Sensory Awareness Month and SPD Pride Banner

It's October, which means it's Sensory Awareness Month! Sensory Awareness Month was founded to raise awareness about SPD and funds for research and advocacy projects, and in the past few years, it has taken off among different factions of the SPD community across the globe.

When I was first diagnosed in mid-August 2010, it was beyond exciting to learn that my quirks and struggles not only had a name and a related foundation, they had a proper month for recognition, education, and advocacy purposes. For me, Sensory Awareness Month legitimized my diagnosis. It said - hey, not only are you OK, you're in good company, let's celebrate you and your differences!

This Sensory Awareness Month, I've partnered with Kelly Dillon of the illustrated SPD blog, Eating Off Plastic, to create a banner/cover photo proclaiming to the world that we are adults with SPD and we're proud of who we are in spite of - and thanks to - our diagnosis. We've shared it with the adult support group I run, and already a dozen and a half adults have changed their Facebook cover photos to show their SPD pride.


Join us by saving the banner below and posting it to your Facebook page as a cover photo, to your Twitter feed, or to any other social media venue, and proclaim to your world that you're proud to be an adult with this hidden neurological condition.

Send me a message (via if you've having trouble saving the image and I'll send it to you directly.

Let's proclaim to the world that we are SPD adults! It's our month. Make it count.


  1. Nice job! LOVE Kelly's art, as always!!!!

    1. Thanks FSM! And ditto, she is awesome :) Happy Sensory Awareness Month!


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