The Most Important Thing to Know About SPD (IMHO)

Sensory Awareness Month is still in full swing, and as you may remember, I'm sharing one fact about SPD every single day in October from my book, Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues, which is available for preorder now (woo-oooo!)

One of the most important facts is the one I shared yesterday on my Coming to My Senses Facebook page, and something that I explain in further detail in my book. IMHO, it's perhaps the most important thing to know about SPD, because it speaks to the underpinnings of the disorder. What causes SPD? Why do people have sensory issues?

As part of the SPD Foundation's Scientific Working Group, a team of amazing researchers have found that in brains with SPD, the tracts of white matter, or the bits that connect the other areas of the brain, are actually less well-connected than in people without SPD. It makes sensory processing not only more difficult, but sometimes impossible.

You can read more about this groundbreaking study here and follow me on Facebook for other important things to know about SPD.


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