Will My Sensory Child Be Okay?: A Letter from an SPD Adult to Parents Who Worry -- Guest Post on Lemon Lime Adventures

As part of my book launch last week, I had the amazing opportunity to guest-blog for my friend Dayna of Lemon Lime Adventures, a website dedicated to one family's homeschooling, SPD, and natural living adventures.

We decided to call the post "'Will My Sensory Child Be Okay?' . . . A Letter from an SPD Adult to Parents Who Worry." 
Yours Truly, Clearly Jonesing to Write a Blog . . .
In it, I talk about my undiagnosed sensory life - and how, in spite of my decades-long-untreated SPD and ongoing challenges, my life turned out more than "okay" (and how, with treatment and understanding across all fronts, parents can certainly trust in the fact that their children will turn out more than "okay" too). 

Hope you love it as much as Dayna and I did!


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