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The Year of Absent Blog Posts

*Waves* You know it's been a long, long time between posts when your followers start reaching out to you with some concern. That started happening last week, and it caught me by surprise. Surely, I thought, it hasn't been that long since I've posted to this blog and to social. But yes it has. My last blog post was in January and we're just a few days away from October. So what happened? Why have I spent so many years voraciously posting here to take an unplanned, extended absence from my life of advocacy? I don't know. I mean, I can take a guess. Single/divorced mom working full-time with sporadic external support and endless demands during a long pandemic seems to capture the essence of it. There's just less time to connect - with myself, my world, and you - and the time I do have has been dedicated to the care of my delicious daughter, my challenging work, and my wonderful (and new to you) boyfriend (!), who you'll be glad to know is one of the mo

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